Happy Birthday Mom!

Mr. Big Mouth

Zane and his dad wish a big, sloppy kiss and raspberry filled, Happy Birthday to Faith. In fact Zane was just saying this morning that we ought to take her out for a nice dinner tonight. Who can argue with that?

After work yesterday Zane and I were playing on the kitchen floor. Mostly baby-standing-up-and-falling-over fun, with a few steps while dad held his hands. At one point I stood him up and let go and he just stood there. A lifetime later he fell forward into his dad’s arms.

I looked up at Faith, “Did you see that?!”

“Yeah.” she answered, her voice a complex mixture of oh wow! and we are doomed!

Yesterday I caught the following scenes on the webcam: Faith playing peek-a-blanket with Zane. We’ve been playing peek-a-blanket since he was a few months old and first started kicking. Back then he’d curl his legs up and when the blanket was tented over him, his legs would shoot out and send the blanket flying away. Lots of baby and parent laughter. He doesn’t use his legs as much these days, instead exercising hand and arm coordination to “expose” the parent beyond the blanket. The laughter quotient is still very high.

Whenever he’s naked now he chews on this toes. Changing clothes, changing the diaper, whenever the toes feel fresh air he grabs a foot and starts nibbling.

I’m not complaining, it saves on trimming his toe nails.