Happy 2.5 Years!

Zane turns 2 1/2 years old today, which is good since I was getting way too comfortable calling him a two year old. As a side note his Aunt Laura turns a multiple of 2.5 years old tomorrow, happy birthday.

As the picture aptly shows, there’s been a bit of “redlining” in the household this week. We’re still leaning towards tooth pains with a side serving of seasonal colds and a dash of being a two year old. Still, even though at times it seems like he’s always cranky and unreasonable, most of his time is spent happy (or asleep) and having fun. Zane has a great wit and sense of humor and learns to use them more each day. Also his vocabulary and reasoning skills are really blossoming. He can not only identify most things he sees, but also when they are gone. In one of the books two animals go to the fair and then a ways into it there’s only one. “No Tallulah!” says Zane, readily announcing when she is found once again a few pages later. He is very good at telling you when a truck is driving by or is gone and is always saying goodbye to things, like our house, people, trucks, trailers and so on.

When I get home from work he’ll say “Goodbye Mommy” even though she’s not going anywhere…

We’ve been wondering what to do with Zane’s naps. They’ve been starting later and later, like after three, and by the time he’s slept an hour or two it is pitch black in his room and pretty dark outside. All of which makes it a little harder for him to wake up. I try to put him to bed around 1pm, but he’s so wound up it takes over an hour before he’ll even lay down for more than a minute. It’s not like you can put him in there and for a couple hours on his own as he tends to dismantle the room and scale all vertical objects.

Zane’s latest “thing” is transferring things. From one bucket to the other (see video), betweens hands, or from one cup to another in the tub. Yesterday during lunch he spent a couple minutes moving small bits of cheese from one hand to the other. As you’ll see in the video there seems to be specific rules on how this is carried out.