Hangin' with the Grands


Forgot to post this over the Christmas holiday. Zane chilling with Grandma and Grandpa Henricksen in the family room. Or, at least that’s how I’m reading his expression here. We could have a contest to create the best thought bubble text for Z.

Faith is back…yaaaayyyy!!!

It’s one thing to take care of Zane off and on throughout the day and a totally different experience to be the sole provider, entertainer, comforter ‘round the clock for two and a half days. Six in the morning until eight at night with a couple naps scattered in-between. At the office on Monday Roseanne took him for a few minutes and I practically ran to my computer to quickly do some work.

He was a sweetie the whole time (I’m blocking the 4am wake-up buddy!) and we had a great time. Still, it sure was nice to see Faith last night and have a discussion that didn’t devolve into raspberries.

Speaking of which, here’s a web camera capture from this morning mid-raspberry. BTW, he’s almost completely mastered sitting and can sit up for really long stretches without falling over and without any support. He seems to prefer it to laying down, although hasn’t worked out how to go from horizontal to a sitting position yet. The funniest thing is when you try to put him down sometimes and go to lower his butt into sitting position he’ll straighten his legs and go completely rigid. “Nope, my sitter doesn’t work. You’ll have to continue holding me.”

Sitting 'n' Raspberrying