Hamper Halstead Redux

It’s not nap time these days until Zane’s pulled out his clothes hamper and either: A) walked around with it on his head, B) rolled around in it, C) sat in it quietly, or D) all of the above. Removing the clothes is entirely optional. Yesterday he spent a good twenty minutes on C and I started wondering if he’d fallen asleep sitting up. But then, just as quickly as he started, the hamper was cast aside and he’s off on some other adventure. Perhaps scaling the bookshelf … without removing the books.

You might recall the first appearance of Hamper Halstead last year.

A recent addition to the repertoire is doing something with the little futon. This is the futon that gets unfolded from a chair into his napping cushion on most naps. Except these days he’s just as likely to fold it back up and fall asleep precariously on the edge (falling off mid-nap the other day), leaning against it, or in kind of a kneeling-face-first pose that looks unlikely for comfortable sleep. Or, as was the case on Friday, he crawled under it and fall asleep.