Zane had a big Halloween on the town, doing the normal town sponsored activities (old folks home, fire station, etc..) with his mom, and then he and I went house to house for the first time trick or treating in the dark.

I think he liked the whole part of going up and saying “trick or treat” and getting stuff but the big attraction was OTHER KIDS. He started following a group of older kids, walking with them, hitting all of the houses they did. As they headed further out I told him we needed to go back. He ran up to a Minecraft costumed kid (older girl) and tugged at her sleeve: “Excuse me! Excuse me!” She lifted her (pixelated) box head up to look down, dispassionately at him (probably has a little brother) as Zane pleaded, “I want to go with YOU!” I don’t think he recognized the look she gave him, but I did and urged him back the other direction for more houses and groups of kids his age.

Zane’s favorite costume of the night: Bottle of Mustard! (I thought it was a yellow crayon). He would stop and exclaim over other costumes. Lots of fun.

“I love halloween.” was his declaration at the end of the night. “Is it halloween tomorrow too?”

I explained it wasn’t, but he suspects I’m not being honest about halloween only being a day long, just as he didn’t believe his mom about it not starting in the morning.