Halloween Babies

Halloween Babies

Zane’s first halloween party and, it’s safe to say, the first for everyone else on the couch!

We weren’t too surprised to see another pumpkin baby, but what are the odds of two lobster babies? Rounding off the collection is a Banana baby (breaking out in song, perhaps?) and Penguin baby. I didn’t notice until just now that someone placed them in alphabetic order (two of the parents are teachers). There was one other baby who showed up after the group shot and while I can’t remember his costume there was no doubt that he had the most hair of the gang.

All in all a great outing. At Zane’s first baby get together he was pretty much the low man on the totem pole, 3 to 6 months behind all of the others. While he wasn’t the biggest baby in this group he was close to if not one of the oldest in the bunch (we are talking weeks!).

The dynamics of this many babies in one room over the course of three hours was quite the thing to observe. Someone was sleeping, eating, getting changed, or having a good cry pretty much non-stop. Zane reached his limit about half way through and took a good hour long nap (he’s missing the party!). Meanwhile we got to hold a couple of the other babies and exchange war stories with the parents.

Thanks to Amber & George for putting the party together.

Oh, and in case you wondered what the kids were seeing during their couch photo-shoot…

The Parents