Haircut Toy

We had to run some errands and ran across one of those pin art toys, this made out of plastic instead of the metal pins. Zane was totally fascinated by it and I ended up buying it for him, something I don’t normally do. He was playing with it like crazy and I decided that would be a great time to see about getting a haircut. Luckily there were also a couple kids in the waiting room, which made Zane even more comfortable. Finally Jenn came out and asked if he wanted a haircut. “No haircut.” no being his standard reply to most everything these days, often followed immediately by a request for whatever he’d just turned down.

Curiosity got the better of him as we led him to the back room for the haircut. There was the exciting “elevator chair” to ride and then all kinds of haircutting implements. All in all he did a great job and the only thing he wouldn’t let her do is use the electric clippers to trim the hair on the back of his neck (not like he really needed it). The haircut is OK but mostly it was good practice of sitting still and trying something new.

And then we went home and played some more.