Our little guppy

Zane’s nine month checkup was yesterday and he did ok. Everyone at the Dr’s office was running late so we had to read books, play with dump trucks, practice walking, and flirt with anyone who looked our way. When finally we got in Zane was measured and analyzed with the following results:

  • height – at 29 inches (29 1/4, she rounded down) Zane is in the top 79 percentile for his age group
  • head – don’t remember the number, but Zane’s Brain is in the 59 percentile for diameter. Remember, The rain on Zane falls mainly on his brain.
  • weight – at about 17.5 pounds Zane has inched down into the 6 percentile range for his peers. Or, put another way, if another baby his age rolled over onto him he might get squished.

Dr. Glowa reported that his two top teeth are starting to come in and there’s a little redness in his ears, but all in all he looks healthy. He’s just not a michelin baby.

Today, if we can drive the roads, Zane is going to the community center for his first day of Guppies. Beyond bringing swimming diapers I’m not really sure what to expect other than a bunch of babies flapping around in the pool alongside nervous parents. Zane loves baths so it should be interesting.

Dark Blue Hoody