Guests on the way...

The mostly weekly mommies group was at our house last night. Faith and Raz were off at puppy training while Zane and I hosted Emma, Jonah and their mommies. One thing you should realize is that a bowl of strawberries will never survive an evening with two year olds, no matter how many berries you put out or the presence of other foods. Emma would gather up a handful and hand them out to Jonah and Zane … very helpful.

Zane has been saying more and more words lately and has come up with some interesting and complicated sentences. One that he’s been saying for a while but I really love goes something like, “Goobye XYZ. See you later!” where XYZ can be anything from truck, bird, deer, or a person who left half an hour ago. An hour after everyone left last night I was putting him to bed and he waved towards his window, saying goodbye to his buddy Jonah.

Trying to read with him these days mostly consists of him saying, “Zat?” as he points and asks what things are. I try to pre-empt his “Zat?” with my own “what’s that?” and it seems like we are competing for the most questions asked.

Some other general observations. He’s almost up to 26lbs, inching up 2/10ths of a lb per week or so. Other than a few sniffles he handled the cold going around better than his parents did. And I think another of the second molars is starting to break through the gums: he’s been a bit weepy lately and the gums on one side feel like something might be coming through.