Grumble Buns

The two new bottom teeth are coming in like gangbusters. At this rate they’ll be the fastest teeth yet and he’ll have the whole bottom row before any new ones show up on top. He’s had a bit of a cough and runny nose lately, seasons changing and all. Oh, and a lot of crazy sound effects as he says blahblahblah and runs hands and fists over and into his mouth.

Last week Faith was out in the garden with Zane and left him to roam around a bit while she worked. She said a minute later she looked over to find stuff gushing out of his face. Turns out he’d found a ripe tomato, shoved most of it into his mouth, and chomped down…tomato juice everywhere! Last night while I harvested the pumpkins and carrots he made his slow way over to the tomatoes and was attempting to pop a little green one in his mouth before I ran over and relocated him to a new section.

Last night on the way to putting him in bed we passed Faith watching something on the Sci-Fi channel. I said to Zane, “Sci-Fiiii!” in the fast whisper voice they use on their promotions. He thought it was a hoot and I kept saying it. Before we were done changing his diaper he was using the same tone to say, “da-daaa.”