Growing up...

I’ve been sick all week and getting sicker, really doing my best to keep from giving it to Zane (or perhaps he gave it to me?). Lucky for you I got the good camera out yesterday for some action shots. These days it’s pretty much all action. The photo above was after tossing him onto the couch, the rest were as he tried to come up and take the camera away from me.

He wants to handle everything these days. I fixed the espresso machine yesterday and Zane was right there to play with the parts and help put screws back in. It’s still the case that when it’s difficult to get him eating his food we can give him some complicated mechanical device and he’ll be distracted long enough we can force a side of beef into him, or a big bowl of oatmeal.

Still no magic bullet for when he throws a fit. It’s like a little good/bad switch goes off in his head and he’s going to be mean to everyone and everything. That turns into a time out, which turns into crying, which turns into reconciliation, which then flips the switch back to “good” and we go about our day with the nice Zane. Yesterday he started crying at nap time after I read four books and left him to sleep. Came in later to comfort him, took his shoes off, and moved him to the bed. Didn’t help, he wailed and wailed and wailed. I figured he’d eventually wear himself out, but it didn’t happen. When I went in to comfort him this time it took forever for the sobs to subside, all the while he was trying to say something. I thought he might want his tractors again, but it turned out he wanted his shoes back on and a blanket tent. That was it, life was good and he shortly fell to sleep.

One of the pictures from yesterday totally took me by surprise. Brace yourself as you scroll down to the last photo. Who’s that?