Growing like a weed

Zane in the Grass

We saw acquaintances at the grocery store last night (hi Pam & Gregg!) and they commented that people don’t seem to grow older if you see them every day, while the changes are much more noticeable if you haven’t seen each other in a few years. Probably doubly true if there’s a new baby hanging on your hip.

Since we see Zane every day…morning, noon and night it can be hard to spot the changes, even though his changes are much faster and more pronounced than, say, a forty year old’s. Even so it’s become obvious in the past couple of days that he has changed, quite dramatically. If you believe the scale he gained a half a pound in less than a week. Changing his outfit you can believe it: fewer clothes fit and there’s some heft to him. As Faith commented last night, “At four and a half months he’s finally outgrown all of his 0-3 months clothing!”

Other indicators: I changed the straps in the car seat to the “top” shoulder notch. We used to be able to slip his bottle into the side of the car seat cushion, but he’s almost too big for that to work anymore. I’ve also removed the books below his jumper, put there when his legs weren’t reaching the ground on the lowest setting. He’s also outgrown most of the hats in his dresser drawer.

Not to worry, his closet is full of bags marked 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 12 months and so forth. It’s just a matter of noticing that he’s crossed a threshold and replacing the smaller clothes with the next batch (we donate the old ones to friends or local organizations).

Here’s a video taken Sunday afternoon showing Zane in action. The first segment features his patented leg slam trick, which is what he uses to signal that he’s awake (at any hour of the night!) and/or frustrated. The second segment shows Zane in action in his jumper. In case you haven’t seen one the jumper is a seat that “floats” in space below springy straps with his feet extending to the ground. It is totally kid powered, with a little rig that triggers music and lights on the big jumps.

Bouncy Baby