Grandparent's Pool

I don’t know any details about this, as it came in as a message from someone’s phone (not even sure who’s), but that’s his Grandparent’s pool and he’s got a pair of goggles on. In other words, he’s having a blast and probably never wants to stop.

Meanwhile, I bumped into his wading pool here at the house with the weed whacker and, well, he no longer has a wading pool.

Something Faith sent at the end of the day, a very energetic day I hear.

Little Boy Snooze
Come blow your nose
The sheep in your head-o
The cows hear your snore.

Where is that boy
Who runs till he sleeps?
Sprawled on the bed
Fast asleep.

I try not to wake him
Oh, no, not I.
For if i do,
I will surely cry!

(inspired by Little Boy Blue and Snoozin’ Zane)