Goodbye 2008

Well, that was quite the year. Zane’s gone from a round headed nearly bald kid without many teeth barely pushing 17lbs and more wobbly than not to a round headed almost hairy kid with tons of teeth finally above 23lbs and with his cruise control stuck at 100mph. He understands a lot more english and is even speaking a little of it.

Here are a few Zane Zone statistics.

  • The site had posts on 330 of the 366 days, starting with Happy Chew Year.
  • There were 21 movies. Here are the first and the last movies of 2008.
  • A grand total of 603 images posted. According to one of the apps I use to manage images there were over 3,000 photos taken (not all of Zane and that doesn’t count deleted ones).
  • There’s been a grand total of 558 comments. This isn’t counting the pile-o-spam comments that some faceless web robot started leaving in the last month. Robot jerk.

All in all a fantastic and amazing year. 2009 should be a doozy!