Good Pickins

The black raspberries are about done and just in time the red raspberries have started ripening. Frankly I think we like them the best, Zane even did a little cheer for them. He also does a very cute “chomp” sound effect as he wolfs down hands full of the fresh berries. We went out and started eating them yesterday afternoon before I realized it was time for dinner. He was very good about it when I said we’d have to stop and wait for after dinner, although he did give a few plaintive, “strawberries?” (every berry is a strawberry, doncha know…) on the way back to the house and during dinner.

After dinner we all went and pigged out on fresh berries. Finally the bugs were getting to me so I headed back to the house, four remaining berries being slowly doled out to young Zane on the way. We got down to one berry left and he went to grab it. I used my German guilt on him, “that’s the very last berry, doesn’t your dad get any?” and he fell for it, holding the berry up to my mouth. What a good boy.

We went to another concert in the park last night, this time Reggae. The band performed a few Bob Marley covers and you could see recognition cross Zane’s face as they played some of his bedtime songs. He even attempted to sing along with one of them.