Good News/Bad News

The good news is Zane counts to three when I hold up three fingers! The bad news is so did Zeke “:^)

The good news is that Zane and I made it to the Tuesday mommies group at the playground on time. The bad news is nobody else showed up (the gloomy, dark rain clouds didn’t help). But we had a grand time on the playground: walking on trails, watching boys crash at the skatepark (do you think they appreciated Zane’s sound effects and “uh oh!” exclamations?), and hanging out with the horseshoe players (where he also provided sound effects).

The good news is that I managed to trim the fingernails Zane wouldn’t let Faith finish the other day. The bad news is, well, I trimmed his nails and that’s never a happy thing.

The good news is that Zane sort of let me read from the big Winnie the Pooh book. The bad news is that he decided to cover my mouth with his hand while I was reading and sometimes poke with his fingers (which is what led to the nail clipping in the first place).

The good news is that Zane really wanted his mom to put him to bed last night. The bad news is that this was because I accidentally bit his finger during the whole “stick-fingers-in-dad’s-mouth” game.

The good news is he’s ok.

Here’s a couple snapshots from last night’s curious, “put rocks and sand into bucket and then empty bucket on yourself” game.