Good grief, it's you!

Good Grief!

We have a couple variations on peek-a-boo. The first is mom or dad popping their head up from behind something: the bigger you make your eyes the better the reaction from Zane. The other involves covering him with a thin wrap/blanket while he’s on his back in the crib (naked baby is best!). He shoots his legs out, whipping the blanket off to reveal a victorious, happy, beaming baby face. You can do this dozens of times before he gets so wound up that he starts chewing the blanket.

Zane is an insatiable chewer. Surprisingly he spends very little time sucking his thumb these days…the whole hand is much better. Meanwhile everything else in reach is getting an audition. Books in particular cannot be fully enjoyed until they are taste tested. I was trying to read Harold and the Purple Crayon at bedtime last night and he was getting really agitated trying to grab the book and move it to his face. After a quick gnaw on the corner he settled down enough for the exciting conclusion.

Earlier he was on my lap while I was ichatting with Barry. Zane kept reaching out for the keyboard so I scooted it closer and let him have at it. Nothing. Lots of little fingers all over it, but nothing firm enough to register. He was turning and probing the keyboard, but no real typing. It was when he started lifting it off the desk and towards his mouth I realized what his goal really was, “Uh, no eating keyboards buddy.”