Going Up?

Happy Sixteenth (month) birthday Zane!

Some notes to mark this milestone.

He walks pretty much everywhere these days, although he’ll crawl a short ways to find something to grab and help him stand up. His “peers” all stand up without aid, he hasn’t figured it out or prefers his old way of doing it.

Still nibbling on his dad, usually more so as bedtime approaches. Doesn’t bite Faith at all. Getting more and more teeth as well. The left side molar is on the verge or has started poking out. In fact taking a visual inventory yesterday it looked like he might have three or four other teeth all getting ready to break through the gums. It’s going to be a tough month.

I haven’t mentioned it much, mostly for fear of jinxing things, but Zane has always been a pretty “clean” baby. He doesn’t wee when his diaper comes off (least not on my watch). He also hasn’t had any problem with spit-up or keeping his milk down. In the past sixteen months you could count the number of times he’s thrown up on one hand: a couple with me and one or two with Faith, and some of those were when he was actually sick. Yet in the last few days he’s lost his cookies twice. Both times getting ready for bed and both times all over me. Last night wasn’t too bad and could probably be attributed to me trying to brush his teeth with too much toothpaste, not enough light, and too close to having had a whole bunch of milk. Friday night, though, that was something else. Mt. Vesuvius of milk is what it was. Not just once or a little bit but a whole bunch, covering the two of us in a seemingly endless stream. Afterwards I had the strange thought that I should try and direct the stream into a shirt pocket, but that particular instance would have required a few pockets.

After a few minutes of cleaning up and comforting he was back to normal and a few minutes later he had another serving of milk.

Uh, sorry, hope you weren’t eating breakfast…

Lessee, what else. Mental and motor skills are moving along nicely. If you recall he started putting nesting cups back together a few months ago. The other night he started placing and lining them up on the edge of the tub. We’d knock them off and he’d start all over, retrieving each cup from the tub to place back on the tub edge. Nothing else, just cups, but all of the cups. Next month: bubble sort!

He spends more time reading, or at least focusing, on books as well. The other day he pulled Harold and the Purple Crayon off his book shelf and then walked around the room, peeking at the pages and babbling. There are a number of animal picture books and he remembers which are which and which sections he likes. For example the baby animal book has a page with a kitten on on a chair, draped in yarn. Whenever he sees the book he opens to this page and starts pointing at the cat, saying something like, “See this is why a dog is a much better pet.”