Going Batty

A photo from his Grandfather while they were up visiting this weekend. They have a little motorized bat with glowing eyes that they let Zane play with. Tough to get a picture when both the bat AND the kid keep moving!

Speaking of taking pictures of kids, one of the parents managed to take a bunch of photos of Zane’s pre-school Halloween Party, see if you can spot the familiar (seeing impaired it would appear) little monkey.

Zane and I took Raz for a short hike on Saturday morning. We went down to the new beaver dam and threw sticks for Raz, who went into the water all by himself,for the first time. On the way back Zane jumped into a ditch, laid down, and said “making snow angels.” We also found a bed frame someone had tossed into the ditch, which he examined intently, repeatedly saying “I’ll take it home and fix it.” Tempting, as he does need a new bed.