Glory Days and Play Set Update

Saturday was the annual glory days train festival in WRJ, so not only did we show up early (slightly before they opened) but then we spent over five hours there. This at an event with about two hours worth of stuff to do … seriously. But Zane is inquisitive and capable of doing the same thing many times and finding new things to enjoy each time. There were small trains (like the scale steam engine and its electric counterpart), medium trains, and of course a ride in the full sized train. Also bouncy house, a chance to run an air impact wrench and “change tires”, and children’s events with dancing and being goofy.

With the John Deere hat his grandparents gave him he was a big hit with the guys at this exhibit.

Sunday he and I made a ladder for his swing/play set and he “supervised” (shorthand for talking incessantly!). A couple days earlier I installed a new slide and he’s really starting to get into “his” playground. Oddly, the hammock is one of the bigger hits.