Ghosts in the Machine

Here we are, your parents, at the periphery. Feeling kind of faded, kind of worn, like an old pair of jeans that you wear around the house on the weekend.

Man, I can’t wait until next week! Christmas time will be over and we won’t (hopefully!) be fielding non-stop requests for buying, opening, and getting presents. Past holidays he’s been really low key if not oblivious, but this year he took it upon himself to become very enthusiastic about the whole affair. “Oh, trains and trucks can be presents. Christmas time is a time for presents. I LIKE Christmas time!” must have been his thought process. I don’t know about Faith, but I’ve never really talked about or promoted Santa Claus, but he’s picked up on him all the same and, hey!, another way to get presents! That would be him saying “hey!” as it’s one of his favorite words these days, as in “Hey! What’s in this package?”, “Hey, Raz needs to stay here.”, “Hey! I don’t like eating that!”

While driving Zane to preschool yesterday morning an oldie cames on the radio and I found myself singing along. He’s in the back, stoic, pointing out trucks and heavy equipment going past.

That afternoon Faith and Zane get into the car after shopping and he suddenly bursts out of nowhere singing, “Celebrate good times, come on! It’s a celebration.”

Same song.