Getting ready for School

Did I mention that Zane starts pre-school next month? It’s a couple hours long, two days a week starting in September and lasting until next Spring. We had to apply for a chance to be considered months ago and didn’t get picked the first time around, only in the last month did someone drop out and provide an opening for Zane. We’re pretty excited about it. A lot of Zane’s peers have gone to daycare or have siblings and while we give him lots of chances to socialize I think the pre-school learning and playing is going to be a blast. Three or four of his friends are going as well, so it’ll be just like a regular halloween party or something.

Plus, they work on potty training. Woo hoo!

He seemed glad to be home last night, running around and playing with things he missed. But the best toy? Well, I’d gotten our utility trailer out to lend to a friend and Zane LOVES the trailer. He walked around it, crawled all over inside of it, cleaned leaves out of it and kept mentioning that it was a trailer. Luckily he didn’t see it being driven away an hour later.

We have a fox in the neighborhood. It tried to snag Tink a month or so ago in broad daylight, while our neighbors were watching. Tink was saved by the leather collar/vest thing we invented to keep her from scratching the skin off the back of her neck. The fox was probably surprised to chomp down on such a leather-necked kitty.

Well, it turns out the Fox are noisy critters. Listen to this to get an idea. Some really strange calls and there were a bunch last night near the house right after I got Zane put to bed. He woke up and wasn’t happy at all, so we wandered around the house a little, read a couple Curious George books, and then he went back to bed … with his tractor. I tried to set it down on the floor but he wasn’t having anything to do with it. He woke up later, around 3am, and Faith went to comfort him. Don’t know if there were more sounds outside or not.