Genetic Mixup

Obviously some of his dad’s pool playing genes got mixed in with baseball playing genes and now he’s got a really strange approach to T-Ball. Should have guessed it when he called a home run in the corner pocket.

We spent two hours yesterday evening doing EVERYTHING at the playground. It was a mommies night, which meant a bunch of his friends were there, but oddly none of them really seemed to play with one another for very long. Before we get to the playground Zane’s all, “see Jonah, see Jonah?” but once there and presented with the real life Jonah he’s all monkey bars and mayhem.

Speaking of which: he’s really starting to get bold on the monkey bars. He’ll grab the closest bar. stretch out to grab the next bar with the other hand and then hang in space for a long time. Eventually he’ll either tilt his way back to the platform or drop the three feet to the ground. The following photo shows his new butt-scootching method on another section of playground equipment. He climbs up on the bar and then starts traveling horizontally by wiggling his butt. Self-taught, of course.