Funny Days

So yesterday Zane is put in the room to nap after his Mom read to him for a while. The room is almost empty and yet he manages to jump, run, spin, and make a toy out of everything that’s left, including himself. I had the bright idea of putting a bungee cord on the dresser to keep him from opening and climbing the drawers. Well, he didn’t open and climb, but he did play banjo on that bungee long enough to wear grooves into the nice wooden dresser…

Eventually he collapsed in a heap on the floor, next to the door and a few feet from either bed. Piano student arrives, piano playing ensues, and eventually Zane wakes up cold and cranky (well, yeah, sleeping on the cold floor!). His Dad comforts him on the living room rocker and he falls asleep again. Eventually he’s up, we have a good dinner and then head downstairs where he bides his time with dump trucks while I change the configuration of the climbing setup. Faith suggested this, make it new and more interesting so maybe he uses it more often and wears himself out. It’s true, shortly after I finished he was scaling it from a number of new angles and then settled on the “lower the race car” game you see here. Something about telling himself to lower the race car and then lowering the race car and then starting over. At one point he lowered himself and was hanging upside down with just toe-tips holding him up.

“A lil’ halp?”

Happy 50th birthday to Uncle Kirk! (he of the Zanium)