Fun with Grandma

The NY Grandparents were up for a brief visit this weekend. The very first thing Zane did was show them his tunnel. We’d put this away some time ago but a week back he remembered and asked for it again. So we’ve had a huge tunnel system setup in the family room which Zane (and Raz) play in quite regularly. He even talked his Grandma into coming in the tunnel. At one point she said something like, “I’m not sure if I’ll fit” to which he said, “I’ll help” and he crawled out through another end and then came up behind her and started pushing her into the tunnel! All in all his Grandma was a great sport all weekend, even playing Hide-n-Seek for over an hour one night, when Zane insisted that she be the one hiding each time. He’d go down the hall and count to 20 or 30 and then, giggling like mad, go in search of her. Even when he told her exactly where to hide he seemed to get just as much enjoyment “trying” to find her.

Interesting side note regarding counting. He seems to jump ahead when he reaches 13 or 14, often going straight to 16 or 17. It’s probably just coincidence that when he says the ABC’s he similarly gloms/jumps when he reaches M (the 13th letter). He counts to twenty all by himself and sometimes will go up higher. A few times I noticed him saying “twenty-ten” or “thirty-ten” instead of transitioning to thirty or forty.