Frog Accomplishment

So, after sending Zane to bed Tuesday night convinced that he had pink eye and maybe a few other nasty diseases, he woke up on Wednesday with just a bit of nose boogers, eyes all cleared up. He was still a bit weepy and boogery yesterday, but what a world of difference from the day before. So, maybe we’ll go see the Grandparents this weekend after all? We’ll see.

After waking from his nap Zane asked (pretty much like he’s been doing a few times every day for the last few days) to go outside and see the red car. Being as it was a beautiful day we headed out to do just that. Of course, it doesn’t matter how intent a three year old is on doing something, there’s always a lot of other somethings along the way vying for his fleeting attention. We talked about slugs (snugs!) and their tongues (antennae), he chased a moth, and picked up a snail or two. The car was exciting, but I wouldn’t let him go in nor tear down the spider webs inside the door.

We then visited the frog for the ritual “Zane touch frog” event, which never ends up with Zane actually touching a frog. He’s been getting closer, “tickling” them with nearby sticks before they leap away. But today was different. We found a frog that just couldn’t be bothered to move.

He touched it with a stick and I urged him to use a finger. “No, no, no…” he said. So I suggested using a toe instead, which seemed to be more do-able. With that out of the way he felt emboldened to use a finger and discovered that it wasn’t scary at all. Click the bottom image to see the movie.