Frizzle Frazzle

Frizzle Frazzle

Our fuzzy Z baby’s hair. After I typed the title for this post I got to wondering about the letter z in words. On my mac it’s easy to grep (i.e. search using patterns) for just that kind of thing. There are 949 words that start with Z in the computer’s dictionary, 142 that end in Z, and 8,025 words that contain one or more Zs. We could have a starts-with-Z word of the day and not finish until Zane is three and a half years old.

In the list I ran across furazane, which at first glance seemed appropriate given today’s photos. Reality is that it doesn’t describe a fuzzy headed Zane, but “organic compounds obtained by heating the glyoximes with alkalis or ammonia.” Something he’s certainly not allowed to do until at least kindergarten.

Ok, let’s see what else looks fun. How about Zygotaxis? How about maybe not, “In order to have a name for this supposed positional influence of the parental idioplasm in the cells of cross-bred individuals, I propose the term zygotaxis.” The whole zygo section seems like it would produce similar expulsions of big words.

So I’ll settle on Zowie as today’s word. It’s concisely defined as “exclamation, informal: expressing astonishment or admiration.” It also shows up as an anagram for a secret service organization in the movies Our Man Flint and In Like Flint.

An informal exclamation, I like that. It allows you to say, “Zowie look at that kid’s hair!” instead of writing and posting a letter which promulgates and speculates upon the inherent lack of gravitational effect upon young Master Zane’s cranium follicles.

Glowing Baby Zombie