Free, free at last!

Free, free at last!

For last night’s baby get together in the park I brought Zane’s little plastic car, pushing him from the parking lot to the picnic area. At the park he was mister wiggles, as usual, trying to crawl over everyone and into everything. Finally it dawned on me that he might use the plastic car as a walker and thus be distracted. The handle was pulled off, baby was propped up behind the car, and that’s all she wrote. Zane would probably be in Wyoming by now if there wasn’t a river in the way.

Later we popped his buddy Gavin into the car and Zane was just as happy to push him around, which was cute beyond words. I was considering selling tickets for Zane rides but by the time he got to the next kid, Annelies, he was all tuckered out. He did have enough energy to bump heads with her and try for a smooch.

Oh, and while waiting in line at the grocery store afterwards, Zane started making clicking noises with his tongue for the first time.

Here’s Gavin, Amy, and Zane out for a cruise in the park. I’m sure Gavin is wondering if his parent’s insurance covers driving other kid’s cars…

Zane and Gavin

Later, Dennis borrowed the keys and took Amara out for a spin.

Omara and Dennis