Zane was doing much better yesterday. Still very boogery and a fair amount of coughing, but the fever stayed away all day. So he helped us out a little as we found ourselves doing impromptu Spring cleaning. Mind you, helping out can just as easily mean climbing on daddy’s back while he’s trying to work on the dishwasher or playing the lower register as his mom practices piano or trying to stand on the dog when the dog is trying to get attention from the adults.

I did some more work on the fenced in kid’s area and the homemade gate and then worked around the pond to see if Zane could find an escape. He zips and unzips the gazebo quite easily, but so far seems to be thwarted by the fence. That’s good, since so far I’ve had to put extra locking devices on all of the inside doors (at the very top).

Some memorable quotes from the weekend:
“Zaney needs coffee?” (trying to get some of mine)
“Want knife?” Why? “To play with.” (followed by a long discussion)
Patting my new laptop, “Make Zane’s computer?” No way. “Yes please.”

Before going out to mow the lawn I adjusted the ear protectors and gave them to Zane. He walked around the kitchen, tapping things against the side of them presumably to hear how muffled the sound is. At one point I asked him a question and when he didn’t respond Faith said, “He can’t hear you.” Frankly he doesn’t respond all that much when he can, although sometimes when you ask how he’s doing he’ll firmly reply, “good.”