Raspberry Zane

Himbeere, frambuesa, ????????????, ?? ??, lampone, ?????, ??, ??? ??????

All of which should, unless google translate has an evil twin or your browser/OS doesn’t support the fonts, translate to Raspberry.

Zane doesn’t raspberry on command, it’s more of a spur of the moment thing. You’ll be bouncing him on your shoulder or, in this case, dressing him to go outside and he’ll start raspberry-ing as if he’s powering a dinghy across the English Channel.

Laura mentioned to him that the book says he should be doing raspberries at five months, which is less than a week away. Apparently Zane replied, “Oh, right!” and went to work on it.

I’m still not straight on the numbering system here. Are we in month five before or after he’s five months old? Is it like indexing into arrays in a programming language: zero based but what you show the computer user is ones based? And if so, what kind of stack overflow do we get if we reference the baby object wrong?