Four Months Old


Today Zane is four months old. Happy one-third year buddy!

For your parents it seems much longer. It is really hard to think (I could stop the sentence here…) of a time without you.

I was watching a movie from three months ago and marveled at how small and immobile you were. We had to be very careful with your head since your neck wasn’t really up to holding it in place yet. Your arms and legs mostly moved of their own, random accord. We washed our hands every time before touching you the first couple of weeks after you were born, worried about every little thing. We snuck into your room for looks and touches to make sure you were breathing and warm. We fed you every one and a half to two hours, even through the night.

Now you perk your head up, look around and grab things with focused intent and last night you slept seven hours straight.

Your legs love to kick and stand. I suspect they are a little annoyed at the rest of the body’s slow pace in conquering balance. Ah, but once it does, we’ll be spending all of our time trying to catch you. The hands and arms are catching up to the legs. They may not be able to fully support your weight for crawling yet (I mean, look at the size of the head they have to prop up!) but the hands have a solid grip and you are able to hold things in place to inspect and bring to your face for a chew.

And then there’s your face. You giggle, you chatter, you wrinkle your nose in delight. You also make big, wide-eyed frowny faces just before you cry. There’s a coy little smile which sneaks out sometimes. You have a serious face you wear when watching Dad feed the fish or count frogs and the calm, interested baby look when Mom reads French or explains the colors.

There’s lots of little details that we love about you Zane, but mostly it’s the whole baby package and how it changes with each and every passing day.

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