To say it’s a been a bit wet around here would be the understatement of the year. Looking at the weather history we had 3.6” of rain yesterday, 5.4” so far for the Month of July (6.1” in June), 23.73” for the year. Unfortunately 2” of July 2nd’s rain fell in about an hour and with the soil so saturated from the earlier rain it didn’t have anywhere to go but downhill … fast.

That’s the bottom of Slayton Hill. They’d already closed it due to the rain and damage from the rain on July 1st, but July 2nd’s rain just ripped it apart. Here’s a video during the storm made by someone living a half mile up the hill. Needless to say all of that water and gravel and dirt had to go somewhere and it totally destroyed a lot of the road and blocked up everything at the bottom.

So, that’s one road we can’t drive on when leaving the house. The other road we take is rt 120 and the photo above shows what was awaiting commuters this morning. This afternoon Faith & Zane ventured down to check it out.

Have I mentioned lately that Zane’s Mom rocks? Between the two of them they can get to the bottom of any new mystery. In this case it was a GINORMOUS hole in the road that plunged down almost 50 feet below the road on a hillside that drops around 100 feet to a brook below.

F&Z struck up a conversation with the engineer and got the following tidbits:

  • 4500 yards of fill at $13 per yard delivered
  • 1.5 weeks to fix
  • working tomorrow and Friday, hope to have one lane open soon
  • probably washed out in a matter of minutes
  • good thing it didn’t happen during commuting hours, people could have died
  • they think it happened after the rain, sometime after midnight
  • there’s water flowing out of the crater and no one knows where it is coming from (the land uphill is remarkably dry)

Zane got a free hat. The guy kept saying, “he should be an engineer!” Zane replied, “It’s just like playing!”