Flash Dad

Zane and Jerry

At some point you have to give up. Laura has been trying to take a picture of us, yet somehow I manage to close my eyes during every flash. They all come out like this. I’d have to say that he has his eyes open wide enough for both of us!

Zane’s been enjoying his Grandmother and Aunt’s visit and so have Faith and I. It’s very nice to have extra “pinch hitters” that you can hand the baby to. In fact we went out for our first dinner alone last week and are going to try and spend a night at a B&B or hotel if we can find one. Trying to make a reservation at the last minute during peak foliage season hasn’t been easy.

Zane’s been back down to the 3-4 hour sleep schedule, although last night he almost slept 6. He’s also been chewing everything in sight, which tends to make him fussy and chew even more…until he has a mini-meltdown (Laura assures me that I have no idea what a meltdown is). He’s been a real chatterbox lately.