Zane reading his current favorite book on tractors. Sometimes he talks about the tractors and sometimes he talks about the page numbers. At the bottom of most pages there’s a little tractor silhouette with the page number inside. He reads the numbers, like 23 is “2 and 3” and 14 is “1 and 4” and so on. Sometimes he’ll even say the whole number. When I took this photo he was saying “1 and 4” and “1 and 5” for pages 14 and 15, so I said “yes, 1 and 5 is fifteen, what is 1 and 4?” To which he answered 17. I said, not quite, it has a “four” in it and he thought a bit and then said fourteen. Then he quickly moved to the next page and pronounced it page fiveteen and who can argue with that?