Five Years Old!

“Hey, you look different.”

“What? I’m not.”

“Yes, you look FIVE YEARS OLD!!”


This photo is a scene from his room cam last night as he tried to use a long cardboard tube to unlatch the closet lock. I’d sent him in to clean up his room, which of course turned into an extended examination of all books and toys littering the floor with very little progress in moving from that spot to being put away.

As he was eating his breakfast he asked about opening the “dentist playdoh” present (which we didn’t actually get for him). I said, “well, you asked for a LOT of presents and probably won’t get all of them.” He said, “Oh, what’s in the big box?” To which I answered, “A birthday cabbage!” “A birthday cabbage? What is a birthday cabbage?” Luckily I had a cabbage in the fridge which I plopped down on the table in front of him, “Happy birthday, all five year olds get a BIRTHDAY CABBAGE!!!!!”

He busted up laughing and thought that was a very funny thing indeed.