Five More Minutes?

Zane has entered a couple new phases of cuteness: exclamation and negotiation. I’m particularly fond of his wake up call in the morning, “I’m AAAAALL done!” but the “Whoopsie Doodles!” when he drops something is pretty irresistible as well. The “Awwwwhh…” (which I’m not sure how to spell) when he’s expressing disappointment or empathy towards something is pretty convincing.

The newest phase though is negotiation, where the magic plea is almost always “Five more minutes, please please?” Faith took him to the science museum yesterday and it was time to leave, but she needed to take him to the bathroom first. While washing hands he pleaded, “Five more minutes of Montshire please?” Last night he came up to me and wanted the lawn tractor. “It’s in the garage buddy,” I informed him. “Daddy go get lawn tractor for Zaney?” he asked. “No, it’s parked.” “Please, Daddy, five more minutes with lawn tractor?”

The downside of his negotiation skills is that he’s way more persistent than we are, especially when it comes to eating time. We’ll (foolishly) mention that he can have XYZ when he has cleaned off his plate (where XYZ is often fruit/dessert) and from that moment on he’s all: “Zane wants XYZ?”, “Want XYZ?”, “Zaney wants XYZ pleeeeease!” And we’ll say “sure, just eat this” and he’ll start all over again.