Fishin' Blues

The parts for the canoe finally came in and he wanted to go fishing NOW! (please)

First we went to the store to get some stuff, including a new fishing setup for Zane that he picked out. “I think this one will catch bigger fish.” he declared, pointing to the fancy marketing graphics. It had a jar of worm bait, which I think is worms shapes of some kind of compressed protein slathered in a nice stinky oil, which Zane kept referring to as “meat sauce”. He had no qualms baiting the hook and did a pretty good job of it at that.

That’s not to say the fish were very interested. Being as we were in a canoe it was a bit tough to fish. The wind and waves kept pushing us back to shore (anchor, what anchor?) and no matter where we threw in there wasn’t a single bite. He was using the fake worms and I had a little red and white spoon, then later a spinner.

So we headed to shore. At that point what he really wanted to do was toss rocks, but I convinced him that there’d be no fish interested after that. Not that they were interested anyways. Mostly we watched boats come in and get loaded on trailers. Later we packed the canoe back onto the van and drove to a different spot. At this place we actually got some nibbles, I just think the fish were so tiny that they had no mechanism for getting hooked. Zane seemed to enjoy it all just the same.

The next day, as he was heading out for a farm trip with his mom, he asked me to go catch some fish because he’d like some for dinner.

I was just wishing my mom was still around, she taught all of the other grandkids how to fish.