First Train Track

Last night as bedtime was approaching I put on the week’s new Thomas the Tank Engine, which is one of Zane’s favorites…of course. Somewhere in the middle of it, not sure if it was something I said or inspired by the show, Zane went over to his bag of train parts and got out a train. Taking it over to an open area of the floor I think he realized that there wasn’t a track. So he headed back and started pulling out track pieces and building his very first track. The only thing I had to help him with was the bridge: the only piece that needs other pieces in order to be used.

Zane got a bunch of bug bites over the weekend and when I was feeding him before bed he started scratching one on his arm. “No, don’t scratch it,” I said, so he could ignore it. Sure enough in less than a minute he got it bleeding. I put a little antiseptic on it and a bandage, perhaps his very first bandage. He sure thought it was something interesting, poking at it and even trying to nibble it off his arm. For a minute it seemed I’d put it on Raz, not Zane.