First Snow

Big Boot Baby

All photos copyright Faith Henricksen, including her patented tilt-o-frame technique.

Technically this is Zane’s second or third snow. The others didn’t really stick and pointing to teensy white things falling from the sky and trying to convince Zane that they are something special just didn’t cut it.

But this, this is stomp-able!

I’m still not sure if he gets it (what’s to get exactly) yet he did spend most of the time outside looking down at the snow rather than up at mommy with the camera.

Speaking of mommy, last night she said the ‘S’ word again. That’s right, schedule, as in “baby Zane seems to be sticking to a schedule.” This means that we are doomed, since every time you mention the ‘S’ word it jinxes the whole thing. And since it is jinxed I might as well share it.

Zane goes to bed between 6-7pm. Stirs a bit around 10-11 and, depending on what mommy is doing, she will feed him (awake or not) a large quantity before she goes to bed. Four thirty in the morning rolls around (used to be closer to five) and he starts to stir, so dad stumbles out of bed, warms a bottle, and then sees how long he can ignore the baby, who usually falls back to sleep for another hour. Feed the baby, smiles and giggles all around, and then eyes reluctantly grow heavy and it’s back to bed. Dad goes to work and watches the baby over the webcam. A few hour later baby is break dancing in the crib, mom realizes she can’t ignore that, and their day is started.

Zane's first Snow!