First day of (pre) School!

[Jerry: no, he’s not crying because of school. hold mouse over the picture to find out why. today’s guest blogger is the one known as MOMMY.]

Zane’s first day of school started like any other day. He didn’t want to change his PJ shirt. He didn’t want to sit in his booster seat. And he didn’t want to eat ANY breakfast. Except for the dog biscuit he snitched off the table. But, I managed to get a good breakfast into him (sitting on my lap) and Curious George helped me get ready to leave the house including easing the change of the PJ shirt. At one point, I did mention pre-school to him and he immediately cried. So, um, we just won’t talk about that anymore.

Daddy requested pictures, and Zane wouldn’t let go of the camera all the way into town.

When we arrived we saw our other buddies all parking and getting out of their cars and then a fire truck, an ambulance, and two police cars arrived! All with lights flashing! IT WAS AMAZING!!! WHAT A WAY TO START SCHOOL! Will this happen every day? School can’t be all that bad if there’s a fire truck! (The vehicles were located in the Senior Center parking lot where apparently someone had fallen. But, people were smiling and talking over there, so i don’t think the injury was bad.)

We all had to walk by the rescue vehicles and cross a street to get to the pre-school building. Zane and I led the way. Then a bus went by! Could it get any better?

A few of us Moms and kids had practiced the whole process about 4 times to get the kids used to the trek, but mostly to get us Moms ready for how long it would take to get ourselves and the kiddies up and out of the house. Zane is a pretty consistent walker. He does NOT want to hold hands crossing the street; and if he is forced to do so, he will sit right down in the middle of the street no matter the traffic. Now that’s consistent. So, everyone passed us on our way to the building, and he wound up being carried the rest of the way across the street. (He really squirms.)

We arrived at the building and all the Moms had to take pictures. First day! After that was done, we trekked inside. We have to go down a flight of stairs to get to the pre-school room. Zane, without rescue vehicles in sight, put his focus back on the camera. He would NOT go down the stairs without holding it and WAAAAAAA! i couldn’t help but snap a picture of that! (picture at top of page) Then I gave him the camera and we progressed down the stairs. (That was the only other time he cried the whole pre-school portion of the day.) At the bottom of the stairs, we’re supposed to take a right and sign in. Zane loves to take a left since he discovered the supply room during orientation. And it has a fire truck on the shelf at just the right height! (This place is GREAT!)

Once he got going in the right direction, he wouldn’t stop long enough to sign in. (That is SUCH a waste of time.) He ran ahead while I signed the attendance sheet. I walked into the room scanning for him. It was full of kids and parents and teachers. What a circus. Zane had quickly found the cars and trucks section. I had to hang his jacket and pack onto his peg, and I got kinda choked up about it. His first peg with his name! The parents started drifting out (after saying good bye and we’ll be back). Zane was nonplussed since there were BIG and NEW TRUCKS to play with! Mom, who?

A few of the Moms hadn’t left their kids with strangers before and we debriefed outside. We decided to celebrate with coffee, treats, and a walk to get there. Ahhhhh. It was a gorgeous day and we sat in a window relaxing. Later, refreshed, we went back into town. I was able to squeeze a few minutes of a work out at the CCBA gym (which runs the pre-school in a building across the street/parking lot) before we headed back to pick everyone up. I walked in and couldn’t find Zane on my first scan. But, he was sitting on a chair and peeked out from behind a care giver. The kids have to sit there till the parent arrives and the poor kid was one of the last ones there! (Well, I decided to sign out first.) He got a big smile on his face and immediately ran out the door (back to the supply room). I had to bring him back in to collect his things and find out how the day went.

He did really well with no other crying and potty time went great. They do potty training and have potty groups! He sat on the potty like a pro. He didn’t “doo” or “do” anything in the potty, but that’s ok. (We’ve been practicing at home, too.)

I had to give him the camera before we struggled across the street. We steered around the big camera swallowing drain grate, said good bye to our friends, and headed home for lunch. By 2pm, he was collapsed into a 3 hour nap. I was amazed at how tired I was too!

And that was our first day of school!