First Camping Trip

Faith’s play opened last Friday after a month or so of grueling rehearsals. Rather than hang out and take care of Zane at home I figured he and I would go on an adventure, give his mom some time off from us and us a chance to try something completely new. At first the plan was a night or two of camping and then another night or so at the ocean. But, like eyes being bigger than your stomach, I quickly realized the plans were bigger than the two year old and his daddy. So we shot for camping, deciding to take things as they came.

The drive up was nice. A little crying part way but once we got some food into him the rest of the drive was filled with reading books and the two of us spotting trucks and tractors and heavy equipment. We went to the White Mountains, Zealand falls area (more Z’s!) and luckily there were plenty of open campground spots. Zane helped setup the tent in that he didn’t wander off while I was doing it. Then we walked around and looked at people’s trucks.

Eventually we headed out on a hike. As I said, no big expectations or goals on the trip. So the fact that Zane would start hiking one direction and want to change directions two or three times really wasn’t a big problem. Sure, it meant we didn’t scale any mountains (or hills, or foothills, or steps, or…well, you get it) but we did walk some distance and saw new things, including dipping our toes into freezing river streams and “jumping” off of tall roots along the forest trail.

We managed to cook and eat a decent dinner (with the help of our Jetboil, the wet-wood fire was better suited for smoking sausages). Come bed time Zane was very wide-eyed in the tent and I was worrying that we might have to sleep in the van, but he eventually calmed down and slept through the night. Well, other than waking me up at 1am coughing (not sure he woke up), and then again saying “outside! outside! outside!” at 5am, standing up in the tent and point outside. BTW, once he was outside he changed the chant to “truck, truck, truck” in case the neighboring campers were thinking of falling back to sleep without visions of trucks dancing in their heads.

The highlight of the trip though was the cog railway. I have pictures and movies of the event which will have to wait for another day. Needless to say a morning full of steam and diesel trains along with all of the accompanying sounds, smell, and noise was a little slice of heaven for a two year old.

Oh, and he got lots of exercise!