First big snow...

For the first part of our big snow day we totally ignored it. Zane and his mommy cleaned up his room then he and I cleaned the family room. Once that was done Zane and I took apart his climbing tower and turned it into a long tunnel. Sometime in the middle of this he decided it should have wheels. Rather than figure out how to make a wheeled tunnel we instead made a truck (picture coming), which he declared looked more like a jeep than a truck. Kids.

Then we headed outside. I made a snowman while Zane made a bunch of little snowmen and robots and then systematically destroyed them all. He would have destroyed the big one if it weren’t quite so big, instead he added many lumps and bumps to it as he attacked it with snowballs.

We got 3/4 of the way through a “personal igloo” before it met an untimely ending. Rather than expend all of the energy into making a real igloo I tried to build one just around Zane: much less snow and effort and he helped with the packing. Alas, he had a late change of heart and went all Godzilla on it.