Fingers Crossed

Sometimes it’s the ring finger and pinky that are crossed instead. Doesn’t seem to be a conscious decision, just something he does. I searched the internet and, well, I’m thinking one should never read anything about kids on the internet.

We went out on the deck in the dark last night to watch Raz. Zane was in a chatty mood, identifying everything he saw: house, light, car, noise. Actually the noise identification was much more dramatic. His eyes grew large, big O mouth, and he gasped dramatically: “Noise!”

We’ve practiced being dramatic and that was his best performance ever. Well, turns out there was a noise (it takes my ears a bit longer to focus in) and I said it was probably the neighbor running a car or plowing the driveway. But Zane wasn’t sure about that and kept glancing that way, even shivering a bit (not having a jacket on might have caused that). We went inside and a minute or so later he wanted to go outside. “Noise. See noise!” he declared.

The two of us bundled up and headed out on an adventure. Walking out the door Zane said, “See noise. Creepy noise.”

First off neighbor Nancy was out shoveling, but unfortunately was back inside before we made it to the end of our driveway to say hi. We turned the corner and headed down the road, walking hand in hand in the dark in search of the creepy noise. Sure enough our other neighbor was using the front loader on his tractor to clear the driveway. They have a LONG driveway and each time we see him at the other end of it with the tractor Zane starts heading down the drive to go say howdy. I decided we should probably let him keep working.

We walked home talking about how the creepy noise wasn’t really creepy after all and how sometimes you don’t know until you investigate. Not sure if that reassured him or not, but he didn’t mention it again. He did wake up a couple of times in the night, but no mention of creepy noises.