Feeling Better

Or, perhaps the title could be: “Feeling good enough to complain.” Or, “Zane’s doing great, not so sure about Dad.”

After the previous night’s wake-up and not falling asleep until almost 2am Zane then proceeded to sleep until 10:30 without hardly stirring. Just, totally, out of it. The great news was he didn’t have a temperature when I checked at 4am and 6am, or for that matter the rest of the day. Despite throwing his schedule off quite a bit (Lunch at 3pm) he ended up taking an almost two hour nap and then went to bed at his normal time. After the nap he was a little no-eee and squeaky, not really wanting his dad, or anyone, to talk or move or think or take pictures or even NOT doing any of those things. As the evening progressed his mood improved. The big test of his health will be when his mom tries to take off his PJs and diaper this morning to get him dressed. If he acts like it’s a moral affront to his royal we-ness, then we’ll know he’s good to go.

Kid Conundrum, that’s the new super hero title for Zane.