Feed Me!

Roll your mouse on and off the image to feed the baby!

Last night was Zane's second go at eating solids. We went out to eat earlier and he didn't really drink any milk during or afterwards. It had been a few hours since his last meal and Faith said "Let's try the solids." To which I thought, "he's not eating milk, why would he eat rice mush?" Silly Dad.

Faith mixed up a nice batch of the mush-o, I propped Zane-o in the chair-o, and away we went-o. I couldn't feed him fast enough! At one point I was tempted to just tip the bowl into his mouth and let him sort it out on his end. He was probably frustrated as much by his own slowness at dealing with consuming mush as he was with my perceived slowness in delivering it to him.

Here's a little clip from his first solid food fest, which I'm titling: Smoochy Lips.

Smoochy Lips