Father and Son Science Trip

Faith has been taking Zane to the science museum for a long time now, but this was the first time he and I went together. Off to a bad start we showed up a half hour before they opened (one of my odder traits is over-earliness) and young Zane didn’t take it very well when we left before even going into the building. A coffee and scone and a few sniffles later we were back and the second family in the door. Zane shifted into high gear.

Zing Zowee Zoom!!

What followed probably looked more like me exercising than it did Zane learning about science. I chased, lifted, transported, and cleaned up after him for the next hour and a half. In that time the museum filled with parents and kids, becoming a bee hive of activity and sound. We saw a few familiar faces but I couldn’t pin a name on any of them (hey, weren’t they at the outside party when Zane was six months old? doesn’t his wife have red hair? their furniture was padded with swim noodles when we went to a party at their house a year ago and their daughter was learning to walk).