Father's Day

Could a guy ask for anything more? I think not. p.s. there’s a dog somewhere in that blur.

The day consisted of taking the morning off (and mostly doing a Zane movie, but hey), having a nice lunch cooked by Faith, and then Zane and I took nice, long naps. That made it a pretty good day right there. Later we went out to eat, then walked around the town square for a while, and eventually ended up at the playground. All in all a nice day.

Dad picked out his own Father’s day gift this year, an iPhone. You thought there’s been a barrage of Zane photos and movies so far? Now I have a camera/camcorder/audio recorder in my pocket all of the time and the ability to upload from wherever I might be (well, except Wyoming).

Just to show how great a father I’ve become over the past couple of years here’s the new Daddy Day Care setup.