Farmer's Market Fun

Some day I should write an entry on transient big sisters. They are everywhere, always ready to take on a new little brother, explain how the playground works, boost you up a ladder, ask your name and age, and so on. This one had new and wonderful swinging techniques, which Zane really enjoyed. She even introduced him to and let him hold her Curious George doll.

We had an action packed, very full evening yesterday. First off Zane didn’t take his nap, opting to read and wiggle instead. After a quick dinner he and I headed out to the Farmer’s Market.

The market is an interesting event. Held each Thursday it features a variety of booths, some fresh veggies (fewer than one would expect), quite a few food booths with some diverse offerings like pakistani food and somosas. And then there are a scattering of hand crafted items (Zane kept stopping at the booth with hand carved walking sticks). In the middle of all of this is a little tent with a two-person band, typically more orientated towards kids music, with an open spot of grass for people to sit and dance. Last night it was Mike Morris & Heather Mike.

About an hour after the market closes at 7pm the featured band takes the stage at the other end of the green. Last night it was Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem (listen/buy on iTunes: Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem, Gambling Eden, Cocktail Swing). People bring their own chairs or blankets to spread on the green while the grass in front of the stage is left clear for kids to dance. You don’t really notice how many kids there are until you have your own and let me tell you, there are a LOT of kids throughout the evening!

Zane has a single-minded approach to all of this: never stop. It’s hard to get him to stop and listen or dance to a full song, since someone’s surely spilled popcorn somewhere or a swing (there’s only two!) has opened up or a truck drove by or a bus is at the stop, etc.. Sometimes I’ll pick him and up to transport to a new locale, just for a change of scenery, but for the most part I let him have fun and get lots of exercise. At one point a grandmother pulled me aside to talk about how great kid leashes are: either she’d thought I was being run ragged or that’s something she says to everyone.

My favorite Zane-ism of the evening is watching him walk up to people sitting in chairs and stop to smile and/or giggle at them. The older folks are always pleasantly surprised and join in, laughing, asking him to “give me five” (what’s up with that?), and making faces. Some of the younger people, maybe twenties and thirties, are more guarded, as if afraid that they’ll end up having to take care of him if they open up.

Here’s a few short clips from the music of the evening, usually the clips are short because I have to go save someone’s electronics/dog/food from an overly curious little monkey.