Family Holiday Hike

We went on TWO hikes this weekend. The first on Saturday where we did a couple miles on the trails that I typically hike/bike during lunch breaks at work. Zane had a lot of fun, especially pointing out all of the mushrooms! The next hike was yesterday and there were even MORE mushrooms. That was a much longer hike (you can see the trail/map here), almost three miles, with a lot more elevation gain. Zane made it the whole way, although he started messing around towards the end: “I’m dragging my foot to erode the trail” among his explanations. We went out for a nice meal and then the adults drifted off on short naps while Zane kept playing. After the evening snack and reading books with his Mom, he drifted right off to sleep, no trouble with shadows and noises or any of the other things that’s been delaying sleep lately.

Here’s a short video from the hike.