Fall Flying Fashion

Yeah, I’m starting to think those are really pajama bottoms too. Yesterday was preschool for Zane and an emergency babysitting session for Faith. The kids showed up at 7:30 and then I took Zane to work with me where he messed things up and attempted to clean things up (vacuuming is fun!). He also managed to put down a bowl of oatmeal that Roseanne offered, this after having an omelet and pear slices at home. Then it was off to preschool while daddy got some work done. At noon I picked him up and he insisted that we should go to the swings instead of lunch. Eventually we made it to three tomatoes for a nice lunch where he ate tons of bread dipped in garlic ladened olive oil. Then it was time to go home and hang out with our guests, ages 2 3/4 and 9 months, where the next couple of hours were spent trying to get everyone down for a nap. Zane didn’t, but the other boys eventually succumbed, although I had to get out the Bob Marley and dance with the baby a couple songs before he went out.